The Vieux Carre (French Quarter) is a visual dream.
The patina of every surface is extraordinary:  centuries worth of
colors and textures blend together with the smells of savory
food, intricately entwined with music and spirits.
Every house, doorway and window is truly unique and different
from the rest.  The lush tropical courtyards are a well earned
compensation for surviving the heat and humidity.

My metaphor of Patina and Obituaries (life and death) photographically
examines the relationship between the sheer joy of living in the
Vieux Carre and it's foreboding past:  Jovial Mardi Gras vs. bleak Cities of Dead.
Walking through grim St. Louis Cemetery #1, the history hits you:
You can feel the aura of those who died tragically from centuries of horrible plagues, floods and fires
blend with the jaunty fraternity of past Mardi Gras Kings and Queens.

Throughout it all-
through life and death,
patina and obituaries,
like no other place in the world,
the Vieux Carre survives in style and grace.

The images displayed in this online version consist of a portion of the main "gallery" exhibition.
The original photographs were acquired using a Shen-Hao 4x5 large format wood field camera,
Pentax 645N medium format camera, TMAX 100 4x5" sheet film developed in D-76,
printed on Oriental Seagull exhibition fiber paper developed in a custom amidol-based
paper developer, hand toned in a proprietary sepia/selenium toner process.
The negatives were printed using a process called "unsharp masking."
This involves creating a soft, fuzzy positive image of the original negative on another sheet of film,
then printing the negative (the original) and the positive (the mask) together in the enlarger.
This process gives the artist an image that is sharper, with more shadow detail and consistent contrast -
an important tool that I use to ensure that the final output matches my pre-photograph visualization.

I am always rather hesitant to place scanned images of my work on my (or any other) website.
Even using a high quality flatbed scanner, the images viewed by web visitors are
only a reasonable facsimile of an exhibition print.
In particular, these scans from my large format negatives only display
a fraction of the emotional content of the original images.
The online images, due to the scanning process and compression, lack the glow,
warmth, sharpness and emotional content of the original images.
The image is present, but its soul is not.
I invite you to view my prints in person, to feel the entire emotional journey intended.

- - -

All images and webpages were designed to be viewed at 1024x768
resolution, truecolor or highcolor graphics (MORE than 256 colors)
optimally with a fast broadband connection.
Images are calibrated to reflect the original photographs.
If your monitor and graphics card is not accurately calibrated, mixed results may occur.

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