Bronze John - Yellow Jack - the Saffron Scourge - Yellow Fever

“At the gates, the winds brought intimation of the corruption lurking within.
Not a puff was not laden with the rank atmosphere from rotting corpses.
Inside they were piled by the fifties, exposed to the heat of the sun,
swollen with corruption, bursting their coffin lids…what a feast of horrors.
Inside, corpses piled in pyramids and without the gates,
old and withered crones and fat huxter women . . .
dispensing ice creams and confections, and brushing away . . .
the green bottleflies that hovered on their merchandise
and that soon buzzed away to drink dainty inhalations
from the green and festering corpses."

On Aug. 11, 1853, the New Orleans Daily Crescent reporting the scene at one of the cemeteries.