Robert Miller uses a:
Kodak 2D 8x10 large format view camera
Shen-Hao HZX 4X5-IIA 4x5 large format view camera
(with a Maxwell Precision Optics Hi-Lux focusing screen,)
Blackberry Darkcloths (www.blackberrystitchers.com,)
Rodenstock and Nikon Large Format Lenses.
Leonardo 4x5 pinhole camera, and Pentax 645N
medium format cameras and lenses.
Bogen Tripods and Heads are used for
studio and for hiking/location.
Miller favors existing natural light, but in a pinch uses
Alien Bees and White Lightning Monolights in studio.

 Main film emulsions include Kodak TMAX 100
and Fuji ACROS 100 (4x5 and 120)
and Ilford Delta 100 (8x10.)

Prints are hand toned in a proprietary mixture of
custom made sepia and/or selenium toners
(for print information, see PRINT SALES.)

 Scans are taken from original photographs with an inexpensive
scanner.  Needless to say, these scans lack the sharpness,
emotional impact, glow and tonalities that the orginals possess.
You must simply see an original fiber print to appreciate the beauty
that the scans cannot capture.   The only digital alterations made
to the scans are minor brightness/contrast/color adjustments to
bring the scanned image as close to the original as possible.