"Our sun hurls its radiant light towards our tiny planet at a
staggering 186,000 miles per second.  It travels 93 million miles,
penetrating our milky atmosphere and illuminating a world of
beauty, curiosity, quirkiness and wonder.  On their way past my
gaze, I have the extraordinary honor of freezing these racing
photons in a split second, burning them forever
into a reproducible silver gelatin memory.
Actually, an image is only an icon for a feeling anyway, isn't it?
Therefore, my calling is to record onto film that which makes me feel.
I interpret such scenes through the filter of my
imagination, creativity and experience.
I see something that makes me feel.  I translate those feelings
into a personal visualization.  I bring this visualization into my
camera and onto film.  I develop the latent images, print them,
tone them, mount, mat and frame them, and place them on a wall.
I feel AGAIN.
You may not feel what I feel, but you will feel SOMETHING
(through the filter of your heart.)  And, this ignition and subsequent
transmission of images from mind to heart
- emotions shared between artist and viewer -
makes the light's exhaustive journey worthwhile."

Luminous, poignant, haunting, impressionistic, playful,
dream-like, poetic, powerful, earthy - these words have
been used to describe the fine art photography of
Robert Miller in the media, in galleries and on the street.
Robert Miller's work has been exhibited throughout the
United States and Europe, and has been acclaimed
worldwide via online exhibitions.
From his insightful environmental portraits of children and adults,
to his touching landscapes and streetscapes, Miller's prints are in
high demand on gallery walls, included in corporate holdings
and held in many personal collections.
Internationally known as an Appalachian fine art photographer,
Robert Miller feels called to make a difference in
the world through the use of his images.
His repertoire is diverse, ranging from Appalachian reflections
(Motherland, Heartwood, Appalachian Tales and Death of a Church), religion
(Patina & Obituaries of the Vieux Carre, Aspherical Dreams, Journey to the Shrine, & Metamorphosis),
the inner world of children (Fresh Souls), nature (Tree Portraits and Midwestern Works)
and social issues (Rock in Water: Haiti Waits, Streetscapes and Portals.)
Robert Miller's proprietary sepia and selenium toning process infuses his prints
with their trademark earthy, luminous glow while his rare traditional unsharp
masking process instills sharpness far surpassing ordinary prints.
Miller, who lives near Dayton, Ohio, works exclusively in black and
white to alter and transform the emotional content of reality,
and uses 4x5 and 8x10 large format film cameras.