"With the exhibition of Opacity, fine art photographer Robert Miller journeys into the dark side of an artist's imagination.
More closely resembling impressionistic paintings than photographs, these images from 1995-2000
are the antithesis of Miller's well-known razor-sharp large format work.
Softened by motion, lighting and dark character, they reflect the true definition of the word 'photography' (painting with light.)
Culled from early small and medium format work, these emotional images combine opaque desolation with ethereal beauty,
trademarks of Miller's photographs, past and present, which have been exhibited throughout the world."

-Featured in Extreme Camera Magazine

"Striking, ethereal, a visual banquet...world class"
-Dayton Daily News

-Cincinnati Enquirer

"Unique and emotional images"
-Columbus Dispatch

"Work that is a rare treat"
-Howard Bond, legendary photographer