Thank you for showing us the world through a true artists eyes!
-Ken Swyers

Absolutely outstanding work! One of the few web sites that I've visited
which reflect the true artistic character and talent of the artist.
-Jim Crotty

Miller is the Great Storyteller.  His pristine images
make you feel and remember.
-FotoArts magazine

    I think that I shall never see,
    A photograph lovely as a tree,
    But this one comes close.
The nearly lost art of black and white photography is practiced here
with mastery.  Composition, contrast, and careful attention to
development and printing result in high impact images.  As you may
have guessed, his current exhibit features trees.  So check it out and
see if I'm barking up the wrong tree.  And remember, it's not my
fault if you waste way too much of your precious time at this site.
-1998 ABTS photography website award

Your page is the first photo gallery page I've come across that has the
class and refinement of design I expected from gallery pages.  It's no
wonder you've won those net awards for design.  Keep up the good work.
-Troy A. Landis

Your web site was selected as one of the top ten black and
white websites of the month at Black and White World.
-Mason Resnick
Webmaster, Black and White World

I just visited your Web site, which is absolutely GREAT!!
Not only the images, but also the design are very well done. Thank you
for so much pleasure. Be sure that your site is now in my bookmarks and
that all my friends will all be aware of its existence.
Thank you very much again for providing us such a wonderful site.
-Julien (French Photographer)

Congratulations!  Your Web site has been awarded
"Top Photo Site of the Week" by The Stock Solution.

You have a Gorgeous and Great Website!
Docunet Photos
   Program director               5th FL Kwanchon B/D, 8-2,
   Song, Jung Keun                Namyoung-Dong, Yongsan-Ku            SEOUL 140-160 KOREA

...your prints made it onto the walls at the Ferens in the UK. They looked great!
 I also enjoyed your web site.
-David Scruton. Exhibitions Officer.
Ferens Art Gallery
Hull, England

Your pages are really great! Interesting design and excellent photography.
Klaus, Denmark

I am pleased to inform you have been chosen for the
Best of the Planet PEOPLE'S CHOICE Awards, 1998.
-John 0. Brady
@tlasNet Inc.
Best of the Planet Awards

Wow, that is one primo web site!
-Caroline (the famous one)

 I was intrigued by your image that is featured as one of the
pictures of the week on the Photography Online website.
-Morgan Smith, Avenue

I like your work. I think the readers of Xtreme Camera would to.
The work is very, very good...
-- John Manzione
   President & CEO
   Shock This! Inc.

Amazing Images!
-Farah Mahbub

Congratulations are in order.
-Sonomo Co. Board of Directors

-Nikola Kazanowski

 I really like your work! It has good tones, great texture representation. Enjoyed it.
 -James Gagner

Your photos are exquisite.
-Nanci Prince
The Ninth Life Fine Art Gallery


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